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consumer reports and vacuum cleaners

Why, you may want to Healthier Air at Home.

Why, you may want to Healthier Air at Home.

- And how to get it.

While we worry about smog pollution is worse near. . In fact, it is in our house.

Shikhar Chandra was reported as "more than three decades after Clean Air Act, clean outdoor air, even with very many people and vehicles industry. … But indoor air is another.

"It is an insidious poison kind of life," said former California state legislator. Fred Keeley said the success. Struggle for control of indoor air.

"Pollutants inside buildings vastly outnumber the" outside seven Waldman to head air quality program, said. The California Department of Health.

Also have good news you can use a few very strong Steps to make your home air. – One that you can control. – Better than the air outside. Here for longer life and health and clean air at home.

Five Facts Terror Act to encourage you.

1. 50 percent of all diseases caused or aggravated by low indoor air quality.

2 asthma now the most common chronic disease of childhood affecting approximately 6.2 million children in the United States by Uncle. American Association.

Top 3 EPA, indoor air quality under one of the top five public health risks. (Allergic asthma and other respiratory problems. Other lung and heart disease and headaches. Symptom).

4. Americans spend almost. 90% of their time indoors.

5 Indoor air pollution is twice Fives to sometimes 100 times more than outdoor air pollution.

Most vulnerable to air dirty one.

For those who are subject to risks and air pollution at home. .

• Infants and children.

• people with asthma or allergic respiratory diseases other. Or people with heart or lung problems. – Especially those who are living stressful.

• Most elderly people with reduced lung capacity.

• smokers and those with them.

• people working at home.

• People in cold weather, which often are internal. Again.

• People in urban areas.

• live in a house or improve energy efficiency in the air seal.

While reasonable people already ill from their homes.

Even if you use non-toxic cleaning products regularly with a vacuum cleaner. HEPA and non-smokers and did not. Or damp surface or fireplace or wood stove. You can also minimize risk of dust in your home. – Respiratory suspended particles. (RSPs).

They become a little air out of action is like walking on a carpet or sitting on the sofa, lifting a blanket. Particles with microorganisms. Contaminated air from bacteria and viruses to fungi and spores. They have pollen, spores asbestos fibers. Insect waste, garbage and pet angry

What makes it so dangerous RSPs. Healht of you.

Size does matter. RSPs are so small that can breathe deep into your lungs. Studies show that many of the acute. Or chronic health effects.

They enter blood or lymphatic tissue and cause areas of respiratory problems. People allergic to respirable particles in the death of health Problems of bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis.

Radon and benzo – a – pyrene (suspected carcinogens). Are transported by RSPs in the lungs.

Gas or other substances. May perform the RSPs in the lungs.

Respiratory diseases, especially chronic diseases such as bronchitis,. Emphysema and asthma may be linked to Or aggravated by, exposure RSPs.

Lung damage may also be a small collection. The devastating, especially for children as a result of the increased damage reduction. Lung capacity as they age.

Recent research shows that respiratory problems from RSPs and other pollution can lead to heart problems.

It has been hard

These pollutants affect you much if you are important to them, or you may be exposed to them. – For example, how long you use The home health hazards ranging from allergic reactions to eye units to damage the immune system, such as loss of lung capacity and reduce heart disease cancer

Slightly larger, such as pollen. House dust allergy is not angry with your deep lung penetration. But can cause a response. debilitating loss.

Consider testing air quality in your home page.

Consider the home air test conducted by a consultant certified air indoor Also consider how to test effectively. Air conditioning is running. . Most about 58% efficiency.

Some have continued to purchase the high-performance air cleaning house for the peace of mind. They want to feel secure that they will air in one healthy control. – Their homes.

There are here to help you. The smart choice in home air cleaner.

Choose the most efficient air for your home clean.

You will receive an air cleaner home and if you have a forced air system. This means that you have a kiln or furnace and air conditioning. Then you have the basic mechanical filter. On your first level of defense raw air pollution with

These mechanical filters are often made of woven metal. coarsely they can remove large particles of dirt and hair. . Even the power is reduced significantly when the filter is not changed. Regular bad this is mechanical filters can not catch. RSPs small.

If you do not have forced air system or want to consider a portable. Single rooms are basic equipment you need to know.

Was room only or handheld around. Home System?

The next step is to choose between a clean single room portable and clean the house. But some people do not choose that You can get both systems if you are not home. Home furnace air force or air conditioning system.

In considering portable devices, you have two types. : People with mechanical filters or ionizers.

Mechanical Filter – Based Devices Portable Air.

Best portable system along. HEPA (high efficiency particulate air filter). Standard, which means that they can capture. 99.97 percent of particles 0.3 microns and larger air through the filter. Including cigarette smoke, household dust and pollen. Mechanical filters draw air through a flat or pleated Efficiency particulate air (HEPA) surface to trap particles.

That means the filter design. HEPA can effectively start to tend to clog easily. Clogged the air and reduce their ability over time to remove pollutants. Filters must be changed with some frequency to maintain performance levels. HEPA is not all that hard if we continue, although we intend. Must

"Gary McEldowney Marketing Director for Said the cost of the filter since $ 150 to $ 700 depending on size and features. HEPA Replacement Filter Price: $ 40 to $ 150. "Another model. Other are very expensive.

Another obvious disadvantage is cleaning the same room can not be collected. The rest of the air in your home clean. . Can not maintain standards. HEPA room with a high usage but will work continuously and doors and windows in the room. Will be kept closed – fabulous

This same room is a similar place. bandaid in the wound.

Ionizers Room Portable.

Ionizers discharge air flow to the small particles adhere to the filter or other surfaces. The other place like magnetic. But this is not a particle will be more effective suspension.

Ozone is bad voice ionizing,. Lung irritant that is linked with other health problems. Can affect the health damage, especially for those with asthma and other lung diseases. Children and the elderly.

As reported by consumers and EPA that "while some air reduced the concentration of pollutants in the presence of ozone. Other pollution increase when in fact react with ozone, some previously undetected toxins in the indoor air, including formaldehyde and aldehydes other "See article EPA's" Ozone generators sold as air cleaner.

Add insult to injury unit building. zapping and other sounds that they release ozone. Will take to clean and Change filters often treated at a low level of performance.

Your best option if you can not clean house and air to be portable equipment room only Mechanical filter with HEPA – grade,.

If your home has forced air system, you will be home all Now you'll see your options. The good news is that there is. Option clear You do not need much time or money to get healthy air throughout the home.

How to select Whole Home. Air Cleaner effectively as possible.

Clean air throughout the home is located in ductwork of forced air heating or air conditioning system. (Also called the pipe – clean air).

"If you are using forced air for the best way to clean the air in your home is to add a filter module of the system" Alex. President Wilson BuildingGreen. Brattleboro, Vermont said. As you will read on down But you may not have to eat the pipe with hybrid. Can be retrofitted, or put right into existing units.

This type of home air cleaners, all of which you can select the.

Cleaner Electrostatic (ESPS).

All static electricity charged dust particles on them, they draw power. (The "stick") to disc or filter.

For example, you compare these systems to consider five factors. .

1. Performance over time. : Efficiency into the system in some time.

2 Maintenance: the key to running consistently high. Some very complex system, messy and time consuming. – A filter some Even those hard to get tired of upkeep And avoid doing it. Certain systems need to change filters more frequently than others.

3 Easy and cost of installation.

4 Sound: certain systems create Sound, while others are silent.

5 ozone emissions: Clean some ozone emissions. Pollutants in smog. Ozone can cause lung damage and other health problems. It also sounds a curve. Sparkle and appear

The following types of air cleaning system described in the increase of air cleaning and maintenance. And convenience.

  1. Filter Electrostatic.

This is a very expensive type of filter removed. 90% of particles 0.3 microns or less. It must change filters frequently and more important than going down over time. . Filtrete unit is one example. Electrostatic. Air filters by using static electricity. They are constant in the particle filter to air to "stick" the filter would charge the same clothes. sticks together.

Lost these units that they catch less. RSP and the filter needs to be replaced frequently.

2 Clean Air Electronic Conventional.

EACs particles up and put them on the plate or filter unit. This way is to trap and filter. 98% of pollutants from the air through your Heating and cooling systems. This type of machine can capture microscopic impurities like dust, smoke and dust cleaner smog than large mold spores such as anger and cats.

Pollution collected is removed by cleaning dishes in the sink or . For some of the EAC filter information sheets instead. But these need to change expensive.

3 Hybrid Electronic Air Cleaner.

Air Purifier. No need for a hybrid electronic line (Or legs) and sheet materials, but not to make electricity and the metal. RSP, so you can avoid the messy and time cleaning with the metal. Technology EAC.

It then filters inexpensive recycled. Weaving loose but effective particle capture. . This helps build loose Public pressure will work with low Change filters easily with EACs general

At twice a year depending on the amount of air pollution filters changed.

The result of these innovations for consumers to receive. upside of the EAC common (high). No downsides (higher maintenance, costlier and more invasive installation Some ozone emissions, etc.).

Plus, since this hybrid work in a manner that reduces wear and easy to maintain initial performance is continuing. Now it will go down over time.

One charge will last winter. Date cold and short. You can take within Consider installing cleaner. Healthier air as soon as precious gifts for yourself and use your holiday home.

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