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industrial vacuums

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

industrial vacuums
how do you keep your tile clean without harmful chemical?

My house is 90 % tile (white with sand grout) and has HEAVY traffic. I just vacuum and use industrial mop using water and vinegar. However, the time never gets to be really clean. The ground color now is almost black, the white tile has many stain and spots. I clean floor once a week, but each after mopping it just does not clean sparking clean. What would you do if you had a baby that walks around with hands and feet all day? How do you clean the house and maintain it clean, is there other mop that I need to be using? (Hated Jet Swifter as it is expensive to keep buying the replacement pads and chemical solution, I hated microfiber mop (after vacuuming) since it gets dirty so fast after 10 tiles dry sweeping, then its nasty to wash it by hand, and the next 10 tiles will be wet…..

I use a vinegar solution as well but i use a hardwood floor mop to clean it with. The pads are washable and i find that it cleans the floor better than traditional mops which tend to move the dirt instead of remove it. Brand doesn’t matter in my opinion and the washable pads mean less waste.

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