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industrial floor sweeper

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

industrial floor sweeper

Salla Floor Machine Saves Water While Cleaning

The practice of water conservation of every industry will definitely benefit both the environment and the business as well. A water-wise operation or cost-efficient cleaning program perhaps will be a great business strategy that is by reducing the water usage with the use of water saving cleaning machines.

Applying this system, industries can protect the environment and can gain much more without expending too much on the cost of water consumption.

Instead of using gallons and gallons of water to clean driveways, loading docks, parking areas or sidewalks, food processing plants and spending too much time on getting these areas cleaned, why not use Salla floor machine.

Duplex Salla floor cleaning machine is a 4-in-1 floor sweeper, scrubber, dryer and vacuum. It is a multipurpose floor machine designed for use in demanding industries to deep clean facilities where other machines failed to do.

Furthermore, this cleaning equipment will deliver the highest productivity per application; decrease overall cleaning time; and reduces the total cost to clean including water consumption. It is specifically used and highly recommended in medium facilities such as swimming pools, warehouses, basketball courts, factories, mechanical plants, engineering plants and food processing.

Duplex Salla comes in to two models; Salla 350 and Salla 500 were both are easily transformed from a scrubber, dryer to a sweeper that picks up all particles light or heavy and a detachable wet/dry vacuum. This floor cleaning machine is use to clean all the hard surfaces including safety floors, rubber, concrete, tile and marble.

Duplex Salla is an ultimate cleaning machine in both versatility & maneuverability that will definitely benefit your business in the most cost-effective way.

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Duplex Cleaning Machines leading supplier of exclusive range of commercial and industrial cleaning machines throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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